OpenMoko - SoC--- is there a mentor?

Alexander E Genaud alex.list at
Sat Mar 24 14:32:26 CET 2007

> Karsten said:
> Unfortunately the thumb is the one of your fingers which has
> the biggest fingertip. This limits the number of "action areas"
> ... some "special sized" thumbs (means: big hands).

Hi Karsten et al,

Thumbs and fingers... I've never programmed with a touch screen, but
I'm interested in trying my hand (ha). How accurate is a finger on the
Neo touch screen? Does the sensor average the pressure to a single
point or register a many points over a wide area? Could a drawing
program reasonably use finger input? Would the screen be quickly
filled with a mess of big fat lines or could one do some descent
sketches with an index finger? What is the smallest distinguishable
'A', 'L', and smiley face?


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