Master Studies in "Embedded systems" starts in Pforzheim/Germany

Wolfgang Silbermayr wolfgang at
Sat Mar 24 20:32:24 CET 2007

Robert Michel schrieb:
> Salve!
> Seems that this master courses are not given in
> English:
> Is here someone on the list with good contacts
> to the hs-pforzheim?
> Do you have ideas how to make OpenMoko populare
> there?

Hi everybody!

I am just finishing the Bacchelor grade in HSSE (Hardware/Software
Systems Engineering) in Hagenberg in Austria. Here at the university we
have the master following to HSSE called Embedded Systems Design. In
addition we also have a branch of study called Mobile Computing. I think
it would be great if we could make OpenMoko popular there... I just
don't know how to do this other than ordering my Neo and showing it to
other people and hoping that the word of mouth will spread the
information. This is just what I will do.

Greetings, Wolfgang.

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