Compressed SMS (and other text messages)

kenneth marken k-marken at
Mon Mar 26 01:23:29 CEST 2007

Tehn Yit Chin wrote:
> One of the things that I have just received recently is that, somehow,
> the network detected that I had a phone that was not able to receive a
> MMS. It just sent me a text message with a web address in it to
> retrieve it. This implementation is not too good as it immediacy of
> SMS is lost.

iirc, thats how mms works. it sends a special kind of sms that a mms 
enabled device will pick up on. said sms points to a wap server that 
hands out the mms to the phone.

at least thats my experience when getting a mms on a "very" old phone.

another option is that if a mms failes to be picked up within a set 
number of days (or something like that), the mobile service provider 
will send a sms telling you to go to their webpage to read your mms. i 
know mine have done so in the past. even to a phone i had that was fully 
mms enabled.

but then im not up to speed on the mms specs and design. this is purely 
personal experience...

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