No stylus on V1 release?

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Mon Mar 26 12:23:12 CEST 2007

* Clare Johnstone <claregj at> [070325 01:22]:
> Dear all,
> This frightens me in my role as mother, grandmother etc, i.e. a
> representative of the public to which you hope to sell this phone.
> Essentially any laser device powerful enough to be useful has no place in
Well, I take it on myself to play a representive of the public, guess
I have at least as much reason. 

In my role as dad (well, I'm not a grand dad yet :) ), a dad that just
gave her first mobile to his daughter, etc. on, and somebody who sold
medical lasers for some years, I'm quite certain, that by the usual
standards, I should be blind. Very blind. Guess the way regulators (or
TÜV engineers look at it), my brain is probably fried :)
Guess I'm a unruly kind, because I type this without a braille display.

Basically, a laser pointer, which is bound to be a very weak device,
is very far from dangerous. It might be able to hurt the eyes of some
persons, but I doubt it. It might be able to raise the temperature of
your eye by a degree. It might have negative effects on very small
children, but well, these could also choke and die on any pointer.
Guess we need to design a phone without small parts.

Basically, despite the offical rules governing use of lasers, most
people in the field don't take it that serious. 

Just to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR. This rant applies to red diode lasers,
in the 650nm wavelength range with powers <5mW (which are usually used
for pointers). There are enough lasers that one can use to hurt
himself. Just not the typical laser pointers.

> a home which may ever have children in it. (Even quite old ones).
Well, you'll be shocked, I've been raised in a home where lasers were
kept. *SHOCK* 
Another shocking thing, you know, some projectors used by people for
their home entertainment setups include laser pointers in the remote.

> clare
> On 2/16/07, Ian Stirling <openmoko at> wrote:
> >denis wrote:
> >> Ian Stirling schrieb:
> >>> Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> >>>> It has a stylus, but no place in the case to hide it.
> >>>>
> >>>
> >>> My thoughts on this: - a
> >>> modified case.
> >Should we add that page to the hardware wish list?
> and someone did, thus:
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