OpenMoko - SoC--- is there a mentor?

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Mon Mar 26 15:44:01 CEST 2007

>> > please fell free to comment...
I've only loosely followed this conversation, so please forgive any 
oversights or re-hashes.  However I did notice two things 1) Google 
Summer of Code 2) Finger Splash application

So, here is my input.  Google wants *high quality* projects that will 
hopefully have far reaching benefits.  So, instead of bickering over 
minor details that are hard to come to a deterministic conclusion via 
email.  Why not write the proposal for something along the lines of 
"advanced input system for mobile devices."  Part of the proposal could 
be to do some research on the most common letter sequences and 
incorporate that into the design.  Think different languages and a 
pluggable expandable architecture.  Think possibly shortcuts to common 
words.  Think predictive text.  THINK!  Instead of trying to hit the 
nail on the head before you even get your hands dirty, why not take all 
of the ideas and develop prototypes, then see how they stack up in the 
real world with real people (ie different thumb sizes).

Bottom line, think BIG.  Make this project something that Google will 
notice.  Make it something so that text input on a mobile device (an 
area that is HUGELY lacking) takes a HUGE step forward.  Having 
something like that would bring great publicity to the OpenMoko platoform.

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