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if you want to know more, try to read :

its no so well documented as the splash idea but the concept is there...

about think big, i already send my proposal to google... i don't know if i'm
thinking big enought but i tried!


2007/3/26, Jonathon Suggs <jsuggs at>:
> >
> >> > please fell free to comment...
> I've only loosely followed this conversation, so please forgive any
> oversights or re-hashes.  However I did notice two things 1) Google
> Summer of Code 2) Finger Splash application
> So, here is my input.  Google wants *high quality* projects that will
> hopefully have far reaching benefits.  So, instead of bickering over
> minor details that are hard to come to a deterministic conclusion via
> email.  Why not write the proposal for something along the lines of
> "advanced input system for mobile devices."  Part of the proposal could
> be to do some research on the most common letter sequences and
> incorporate that into the design.  Think different languages and a
> pluggable expandable architecture.  Think possibly shortcuts to common
> words.  Think predictive text.  THINK!  Instead of trying to hit the
> nail on the head before you even get your hands dirty, why not take all
> of the ideas and develop prototypes, then see how they stack up in the
> real world with real people (ie different thumb sizes).
> Bottom line, think BIG.  Make this project something that Google will
> notice.  Make it something so that text input on a mobile device (an
> area that is HUGELY lacking) takes a HUGE step forward.  Having
> something like that would bring great publicity to the OpenMoko platoform.
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