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Mon Mar 26 23:20:10 CEST 2007


I have some questions I hope people could help with.  I couldn't help but
notice that the iphone(sorry for the swear word) used a e-mail type
interface for viewing voice mails.  That feature looks very interesting to
me.  Now I am sure they have that pattented but does anybody know what about
it they pattented?  I was thinking about this, as I would like to have it on
the Neo as I will buy one, what if this was on the neo also.  So I got to
thinking how one could do this and I came up with an idea.  So here is my
idea and please tell me if it's stupid and why, it's already been pattented,
or that's a good idea here is how you could improve on it.

First instead of routing the call to the service providers voice mail after
so many calls, have it get routed to the neo's onboard voice mail system.
This system could record the audio save it and add an e-mail like layer to
it like, SuchAndSuch person called @ 9:30 pm 03/26/07 1 min 23 sec for
example.  It could then save them on the phone.  Now I know this is kind of
memory expensive so I thought of some other alternatives to this also.  If
you want the advanced feature of listening to the calls in whatever order
you heard them in then you would have to save them on the phone it's self or
upload the audio samples to a webserver of some sort and when connected you
could listen to them in what ever order.  Another approach if the person
didn't want the wasted space could still see the messages in a e-mail type
invironment but couldn't listen to the messages in what ever order for the
neo after recording when the call was made by who and finishes recording the
message could then route the call to the service providers voice mail and
send it the recorded message.

Now I don't know difficult this would be.  And I can't say that I am
experianced enough with this, although I would like to be, to impliment it
myself.  I just thought I could post my idea to the community to try and add
my $0.02 to help better the community.  Please let me know what you think.

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