E-mail style voicemail.

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> I came up with something conceptually similar... I live in the

> sticks, so I don't have mobile service at my house. As I drive into

> the office, I have intermittent service. I had really bad service in

> my old office building so I came up with the following solution.


> 1. Forward cell calls to my asterisk box.

> 2. If my SIP phone isn't registered or I don't answer, take a message.

> 3. Send a SMS message to my phone that's intercepted by the voice

> mail app.

> 4. When the voice mail app receives the SMS message, it establishes a

> net connection to my asterisk box and downloads the message to my



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Hi Mathew,

I think once OpenMoko becomes more prevalent I think you'll find there
are a number of hosted asterisk related applications that are released
for Neo handset users.

I've already spoken with a few people interested in developing mixed
mobile/fixed line voice driven applications for both communities.


A smarter voicemail system than what is currently provided by your
carrier is just one of them.




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