Voice synthesizer for blind and visual impaired person

Bartlomiej Zdanowski AutoGuard Ltd. b.zdanowski at autoguard.pl
Tue Mar 27 12:50:28 CEST 2007

Arthur Marsh napisał(a):
> A large, high contrast display would help many vision impaired people, 
> and a well-thought out spoken menu system with speech synthesis would 
> help many low vision and completely blind people. The FIC 1973 does 
> have the drawback of there being no tactile feedback for input via the 
> screen. Does the hardware support the touch screen working if it were 
> covered with a clear plastic screen with a raised grid pattern on it?
Right I forgot about tactile display but plastic keys should be great. I 
think it should work because all PDA point-sticks work great. Touch-keys 
don't have to be clear... because blind person don't care about it, 

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