Master Studies in "Embedded systems" starts in Pforzheim/Germany

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Hi Wolfgang,

Sadly I left last September, however looking at the money spent on my
project work last year indeed a couple of neo's could have been purchaced,
indeed since my work involved fitting a chair sized robot with an embedded
computer system a device like the neo with it's usb connectivity and the
bonus of a screen would have been ideal, neatly side stepping my power usage
issues. Having to drag the robot to a monitor when things went pear shaped
could too have been avoided if I had a neo on board. I will mention it to
the person continuing the project in any case as it could even be used as a
remote control device for the current vehicle system.

Sorry my mail is starting to ramble off topic...


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Wolfgang Silbermayr schrieb:
> I am just finishing the Bacchelor grade in HSSE (Hardware/Software
> Systems Engineering) in Hagenberg in Austria. Here at the university we
> have the master following to HSSE called Embedded Systems Design. In
> addition we also have a branch of study called Mobile Computing. I think
> it would be great if we could make OpenMoko popular there... I just
> don't know how to do this other than ordering my Neo and showing it to
> other people and hoping that the word of mouth will spread the
> information. This is just what I will do.
> Greetings, Wolfgang.
If you're still at the university you should ask a professor for setting 
up a "students project". I'm applied at the University of Applied 
Science in Ingolstadt (Germany) and I'm trying to allure a professor.  
The  budget of a professor for  his/her labor should be enough to buy 
2-3 Neos for debugging reasons :)


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