Mokomake mkae setup fails

Rod Whitby rod at
Wed Mar 28 01:54:59 CEST 2007

Ewan Marshall wrote:
> Make setup for mokomakefile is giving this error:
> mtn: error: I/O failure while talking to peer, 
> disconnecting

This I can do nothing about.  Either OpenMoko Inc. needs to find a
monotone server that can handle the load, or you just need to keep
retrying until it gets through.

There are other mirror OpenEmbedded monotone servers, but none that are
marked as official (i.e. either have an or
domain), so I will leave it up to the owners of those domains to bless
mirrors by adding them to one of those domains.

[Some might say use instead, but I don't think
OpenMoko should depend on a server which is scheduled for disconnection
without notice, and that is owned by a University that threatens you if
you add a CNAME in another domain to one of their servers.]

> mtn: error: branch has multiple heads

The latest version of MokoMakefile will select one head and use that.

"make update-makefile" to get it.

-- Rod

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