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Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Mar 28 16:21:26 CEST 2007

Salve Gabriel!

Gabriel Ambuehl schrieb am Mittwoch, den 28. März 2007 um 08:38h:

> On Wednesday 28 March 2007 00:52:20 Robert Michel wrote:
> > Ahh.. I can hear it with the Neo1973 headset as well, wenn I pull out
> > the headset for 0,7mm - mybe my 2,5 mm 4 pin jack is not accurat enough.

I got the reason - the jacks I bought does haven has a ring with screw
thread (connected with ground) with a diameter of 7.5 mm
(and the 4-pole) pin is inside).

The first jack I soldernd had this ring a little bit more to the outside
- also both jacks I bought does not have accurate 90 degree between pin 
and ring and the ring has 7.5 mm in the diameter - the official headset jack
only 4.5 mm so that could be the reason for pulling out a bit more...

So the second jack works fine.

So comparing with 3.5 mm or 5 mm jacks the tolerances with 2,5 are
quite low and when you buy a jack in a shop IMHO would worth a deep look
about them.

Removing the ring and the 18 mm long GND banner give an adapter like the
one glued into plastic of the 90 degree angel jack of the official
headset. I would not encourage to use an jack without a 90 degree angel
connected to the neo inside of a pocket - this > 2.5 cm long adapater
would gave a to much high moment on the jack on the PCB.

> Not strictly what you asked, but working adapter jacks for Moto V360 (which as 
> I understand would work) can be had on Ebay for 20cents plus shipping...

Yes, they also have a angel jack... :)
But they are only for headphones. Selfsolderd adapter will have the
advantage to be able to use the mic in as well ;)


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