Voice synthesizer for blind and visual impaired person

Florent THIERY fthiery at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 21:34:26 CEST 2007


I've been recently confronted to these questions for the tuxdroid
project (which i intend to run on a NAS/Home router).

About text-to-speech, eSpeak seems really interesting for embedded
devices, plus it's more or less the only 100% free sotfware of this
category (others, like festival / flite * for embedded *, are free,
but not their voice models..).


As for in-app integration:

About speech recognition, i'd say that it's today very hard if not
impossible to get a working dication feature. The best option may be
to skip it, and concentrate on "command launching": more basic
pattern-based recognition.

A great option (if we manage to make it run) is CVoiceControl, but it
needs maintainers: the project is down.


See http://www2.tux-is-alive.com/wiki/Speech_recognition for our
preliminary evaluations and resources/links

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