VoIP call transfer?

mathew davis someoneinjapan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 21:59:36 CEST 2007

I have an itch that I would like to explain to you and give an idea of how
to overcome that itch and see if that is possible or not, and if so a good
idea or not.  So first here is my itch.  I have a VoIP phone at home which
uses my WiFi connection to make calls using skype.  I like that it helps
lower my cell phone bills a lot since I started a new business and it takes
a lot of calls to make it sucessful.  But I am not always at home sometimes
I am just 5 minutes out from home and recieve a phone call I talk on the way
home and then to cut my minutes short I tell them I will call them right
back and then hang up switch to my VoIP phone.  That gets old sometimes.
Granted it is not a very big itch but it is annoying.

So I have come up with several solutions.  First, with the neo I could get a
plan that includes data with my minutes and I could use skype or some other
VoIP solution like astrisk.  Which in turn would be great.  Oh also another
question can you get a data only plan?  Just curious I know some people may
or may not have mentioned it but the thread that it was mentioned in has
over 80 e-mails and couldn't find it right off.  But let's pretend that for
somereason you didn't want to add a data plan to your mobile device because
it was too expensive or what ever.  Would it be possible for the neo to know
when you step into range of a WiFi network that you have acess to?  And
after it notices the WiFi connection it pops up a button on the screen that
say's transfer to VoIP?  You say hold on a sec and press the button.  The
neo then puts the user on hold and transfers the call to your VoIP line on
your neo where you pick it up, or the neo picks it up.  The voice line then
hangs up the call and puts the person back on the line with you.  Does that
make since?  Also when making a call and I am in range of a WiFi network a
check box or a seperate call with VoIP button appears that allows you to
place the same call over the VoIP?  Does that make since?  Just wanting to
get everyones opinions on this.

This is a feature that I would like very much.  I have internet at home
which has a 15Mbps transfer rate with a 1000GB cap so I should be free and
clear with this.  I would love to have this feature.  I would like to learn
how to do this on the neo but would definatly need more time to research it
out.  Plus I would need more time to work on it, maybe when I graduate
school.  I would also need someone to help me.  Any ways I am starting to
ramble so please let me know what you think about this?
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