[QUAR] RE: VoIP call transfer?

esw at alum.mit.edu esw at alum.mit.edu
Wed Mar 28 22:32:24 CEST 2007

Don't be so dismissive.  It's an interesting idea.  It may happen some
day.  But it would be pretty difficult at this point.  The path would
have to be pretty circuitous, the latency and odds of a dropped call
would keep going up and up with each new link.  I've never tried it
myself, but I've heard that GPRS latency / QOS in general is very low
and it would not be a satisfying experienice.  It seems you'd have to
use another phone to computer gateway, from the openmoko to the net,
and potentially then a second one from the net to the rest of the
plain old telephone network.  You could have a land line at home be
your own gateway... and that'd reduce some of the round trip times.

So the architecture could be:

POTN <-> gateway <-ISP-> homenet <-ISP-> gateway <-GSM-> Neo1973
or, if you have your own land line for incoming:
POTN <-> gateway <-ISP-> homenet <-lan-> gateway at home <-GSM-> Neo1973

and then when you got close to home you initiate a parallel connection
from your home network to the Neo over bluetooth or wifi and [somehow]
get that in sync and hand off:

POTN <-> gateway <-ISP-> homenet <-bluetooth/wifi-> Neo1973

Sounds fun; almost makes me glad I still have a land line.


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