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mathew davis someoneinjapan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 22:38:19 CEST 2007

> Yeah with such a closed minded an answer as that I can ignore it almost
> instintively.  Thanks for the spell check sometimes my mind goes faster than
> my spelling.  This sounds like a really good alternative.  Thanks for the
> post.  I will now more eagerly look forward to the neo.  Will there need to
> be any special settings/programming made to the neo to make the outbound
> calls?
> On 3/28/07, Paul McMillan <digitalfire at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > For starters, a friendly reminder that it's spelled "sense".
> >
> > That said, the way to do this is not with skype, but with Asterisk. If
> > you route ALL your incoming calls through an asterisk box (whether hosted by
> > you, or by a service provider) it should be possible to manage completely
> > seamless transitions. It would look something like this:
> >
> > Your contact calls your phone number
> > the call is routed to your asterisk box
> > your asterisk box checks to see if you're in a WiFi area
> > You are presented with the call, with the option to take it via wifi or
> > gsm
> > If you take it via wifi, your asterisk box routes the call via SIP or
> > IAX directly to your phone.
> > If you take it via GSM, your asterisk box calls the PSTN and routes the
> > call through itself to the phone via the regular cell network
> > When you transition zones (going to wifi from gsm, or the other way
> > around), the asterisk box establishes a call via the other protocol, bridges
> > the voice, then once your neo device has fully transitioned itself over to
> > the new medium, it disconnects the previous call.
> >
> > So your contact never has direct access to your cell number. Instead,
> > they call your voip number which is routed as is convenient for you. When
> > you transition zones, the most trouble you will have is perhaps a slightly
> > click or momentary dead air as the device transitions over. If you
> > accidentally wander out of range of your wifi, the asterisk box will notice
> > this and automatically call you via gsm, which the phone will pick up
> > automatically. This won't be as seamless, but it won't result in a
> > completely lost call. It's also worth noting that this system can be
> > functional for outgoing calls as well, so long as you route all calls via
> > your asterisk box. This has the side effect of making international calls
> > via from your cell cheap and easy.
> >
> > Paul
> >
> > p.s. Ignore the guy who has no imagination... most things are possible
> > with a little thought.
> >
> >
> >  On 3/28/07, mathew davis < someoneinjapan at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > >  I have an itch that I would like to explain to you and give an idea
> > > of how to overcome that itch and see if that is possible or not, and if so a
> > > good idea or not.  So first here is my itch.  I have a VoIP phone at home
> > > which uses my WiFi connection to make calls using skype.  I like that it
> > > helps lower my cell phone bills a lot since I started a new business and it
> > > takes a lot of calls to make it sucessful.  But I am not always at home
> > > sometimes I am just 5 minutes out from home and recieve a phone call I talk
> > > on the way home and then to cut my minutes short I tell them I will call
> > > them right back and then hang up switch to my VoIP phone.  That gets old
> > > sometimes.  Granted it is not a very big itch but it is annoying.
> > >
> > > So I have come up with several solutions.  First, with the neo I could
> > > get a plan that includes data with my minutes and I could use skype or some
> > > other VoIP solution like astrisk.  Which in turn would be great.  Oh also
> > > another question can you get a data only plan?  Just curious I know some
> > > people may or may not have mentioned it but the thread that it was mentioned
> > > in has over 80 e-mails and couldn't find it right off.  But let's pretend
> > > that for somereason you didn't want to add a data plan to your mobile device
> > > because it was too expensive or what ever.  Would it be possible for the neo
> > > to know when you step into range of a WiFi network that you have acess to?
> > > And after it notices the WiFi connection it pops up a button on the screen
> > > that say's transfer to VoIP?  You say hold on a sec and press the button.
> > > The neo then puts the user on hold and transfers the call to your VoIP line
> > > on your neo where you pick it up, or the neo picks it up.  The voice line
> > > then hangs up the call and puts the person back on the line with you.  Does
> > > that make since?  Also when making a call and I am in range of a WiFi
> > > network a check box or a seperate call with VoIP button appears that allows
> > > you to place the same call over the VoIP?  Does that make since?  Just
> > > wanting to get everyones opinions on this.
> > >
> > > This is a feature that I would like very much.  I have internet at
> > > home which has a 15Mbps transfer rate with a 1000GB cap so I should be free
> > > and clear with this.  I would love to have this feature.  I would like to
> > > learn how to do this on the neo but would definatly need more time to
> > > research it out.  Plus I would need more time to work on it, maybe when I
> > > graduate school.  I would also need someone to help me.  Any ways I am
> > > starting to ramble so please let me know what you think about this?
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