VoIP call transfer?

Steven Milburn steven.milburn at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 23:28:26 CEST 2007

Might it be much simpler?

On my current cell phone, I can initiate a 3-way call after already talking
to somebody for any amount of time.   So, when you get home, have a script
on the neo start a 3-way call to your home number, which will be answered by
your neo's call waiting via wifi, then hang up on the other line (cell).

The only thing I wouldn't be sure about is the part about hanging up the
first line.  I think some systems would cause that to end the entire three
way call (my nextel does this).  I'm pretty sure that some 3-way systems are
done such that when any of the 3 hang up, the remaining 2 are still
connected.  So, depending on how your carrier's 3-way works, this may be
very simple.

Here's an entirely different method:
Set up a device at home that always will immediately answer a call when the
neo is not around, and then have that device initiate a 3-way call through
the cell network, which you'll answer with the neo.  Ideally, caller-id info
can be somehow manipulated so you know where the call really came from.
That way, when you get home, you only need a (hopefully) simple program on
the neo to smoothly transition from the cell call to the one that's been in
progress at home.  Perhaps, it doesn't even need to be all that smooth, just
ask the party to hang on for a second, and make the switch yourself.

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