VoIP call transfer?

Dean Collins Dean at cognation.net
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Hi Jeff,

Grandcentral divert all calls from a pre-determined pstn number that
they assign (and cant be transferred to any other carrier so once you
sign up unless you are prepared to change all your business cards etc
you're stuck with them).


They then deliver all calls from their central server out to your cell,
your home your office phone etc.


Should you want to transfer from one extension to another you press 4 on
your keypad and then it makes all the extensions ring again and you
pickup again.


As discussed earlier you can do this using Asterisk HOWEVER as I already
said earlier, there is a very big difference between this and single
number FMC as desired. In addition the GPRS throughput and latency on
the NEO will not be sufficient to deliver voice quality of a MOS level
to be usable.


Like I said - you're dreaming, it's not going to happen with the current
generation of technology on either the customer premise or the carrier
side hardware, don't shoot the messenger just because you don't
appreciate what I'm saying.





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On 3/28/07, Matthew S. Hamrick <mhamrick at cryptonomicon.net> wrote:

Matthew... what you're describing is sometimes called "Fixed Mobile
Convergence." Or rather, the "FMC" term has grown to encompass the
scenario you describe.

according to their website, www.grandcentral.com will provide this kind
of service... I didn't dig deep enough to figure out how they do it, but
they might provide out of the box access to what you want (they claim to
be free). 

Wish I could give you a thumbs up/down on how it works, but I've only
got one phone myself.

anyways, check it out if you're interested


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