VoIP call transfer?

Arthur Marsh arthur.marsh at internode.on.net
Thu Mar 29 11:18:07 CEST 2007

mathew davis wrote, On 29/03/07 05:29:
> I have an itch that I would like to explain to you and give an idea of 
> how to overcome that itch and see if that is possible or not, and if so 
> a good idea or not.  So first here is my itch.  I have a VoIP phone at 
> home which uses my WiFi connection to make calls using skype.  I like 
> that it helps lower my cell phone bills a lot since I started a new 
> business and it takes a lot of calls to make it sucessful.  But I am not 
> always at home sometimes I am just 5 minutes out from home and recieve a 
> phone call I talk on the way home and then to cut my minutes short I 
> tell them I will call them right back and then hang up switch to my VoIP 
> phone.  That gets old sometimes.  Granted it is not a very big itch but 
> it is annoying.

A couple of examples of prior implementations of scratching this itch 
without voice-over-[wireless]-internet-protocol were BT's offering with 
a GSM/DECT handset (Ericsson) and GSM-CTS.

There should be some documentation still around on how these worked that 
might make an interesting read. Of course, since these ideas helped 
reduce call costs, the carriers didn't embrace them.


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