tomtom on the Neo1973

Patrick Beck beck-patrick at
Sat Mar 31 14:37:02 CEST 2007


i follow the deployment of the Neo1973 and Openmoko since they become

I have discussed with a few others on the IRC, about the Idea to use
tomtom on the Neo1973. I think it will be very cool :) I had no problem
to pay money for a good software and rich in detail maps. It is hard
work to create good maps (see

When many people want to use tomtom on the Neo1973, it would be a good
precondition to assure tomtom from this idea to sell tomtom for the
Openmoko platform. tomtom devices already run under linux, so i think it
will not so hard to port it on Openmoko.

My question is now => How we should ask tomtom? I think it will good
when a company or the intern developer of openmoko can ask. Beside the
company, all interested can ask tomtom. So they can see that we would
run tomtom on openmoko :)

I hope that i'am not the only one who would run tomtom on the
Neo1973 ;) 

Greats Patrick Beck

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