Iphone eat your heart out.

Duncan Hudson openmoko at dunc-it.com
Thu May 17 21:12:18 CEST 2007

mathew davis wrote:
> Now the neo can hold as much memory as the upcoming Iphone but 
> better.  Samsung just announced that it has developed an 8 Gigabyte 
> microSD memory card.  That means that the $350 neo equiped with a 8GB 
> microSD card will have the same storage capacity as the 600 + 2 year 
> contract Iphone.  Just would like to say keep up the good work to 
> every one on the team.  I know you have been working your buts off and 
> I for one sincerly appreciate it.  With all the talk of not being able 
> to wait for the I phone, I would like to say that I am patiently 
> waiting through the thick and thin for the phone.  I am excited about 
> the progress made and am also glad to hear any update weither it be 
> good or bad, I am loyal to the end.
> http://www.samsung.com/PressCenter/PressRelease/PressRelease.asp?seq=20070517_0000346824
No indication, though, of when it will ship or how much it will cost is 

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