Current status, and previous Community Updates: wiki page

thomas.cooksey at thomas.cooksey at
Thu Nov 1 09:46:51 CET 2007

>I've created a wiki page to consolidate the current status, and provide

>a place for you to add questions and topics you'd like to see

I've added a section on the SMedia 3362. Most of my questions have been
answered off-list by OpenMoko people (thanks!): There will be no 3D on
the GTA02 despite the hardware being there. :-( This is because there
are no drivers.

However, a while back Harald did mention the sMedia 3362 documentation
would be made available to the community. Any chance of chasing: a) When
b) What the documentation will consist of - will it be sufficient for a
community member to have a go at writing a 3D driver?



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