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Doug Sutherland doug at
Thu Nov 1 11:31:52 CET 2007

Karsten wrote:
> Some time ago, someone (I can not remember who it was) mentioned
> that the current GPS chip of the GTA01 does some calculations in
> software (means within the driver code), which is done by firmware
> in other GPS chips.

Okay that makes some sense then what is being discussed, but still
does not explain why you NEED such binary. If all you want is the
coordinates you should be able to send a simple command to the 
receiver and tell it ... go :) 

Also, whatever calculation that is, surely it can be done in software
outside the receiver, or if not then this was a very poor choice of 
receivers. I started working with them about 12 years ago. They 
have advanced tremendously since then. They are tiny, cheap, 
and easy to write code for. 

The NMEA mode is good to have for applications that expect 
that kind of output, but it's a nasty spec actually format wise, 
and binary modes unleash much more data. My recommendation
would be to ditch any vendor provided code and focus on two
drivers, one for NMEA and one for binary mode. The binary 
mode is usually proprietary ie motorola has their own spec and
lasson has another etc, but it's just a matter of reading binary 
and following the specs.

10 types of people, those who understand binary and those who don't :)
I am willing to write code for this, and other areas too, but do 
not have a Neo yet, and sadly it does not make sense to order
one at the moment. Count me in for the next rev but please do
lots of QA. The reports of white screen and no boot and othe
nasties are ... a concern. Only alpha hardware should behave
that way.

  -- Doug

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