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> >I've created a wiki page to consolidate the current status, and provide
> >a place for you to add questions and topics you'd like to see
> addressed.
> I've added a section on the SMedia 3362. Most of my questions have been
> answered off-list by OpenMoko people (thanks!): There will be no 3D on
> the GTA02 despite the hardware being there. :-( This is because there
> are no drivers.
> However, a while back Harald did mention the sMedia 3362 documentation
> would be made available to the community. Any chance of chasing: a) When
> b) What the documentation will consist of - will it be sufficient for a
> community member to have a go at writing a 3D driver?

as it stands right now - the documents are confidential (thus nda), but any
drivers as a result of this are able to be open. this is currently the problem.
that means we (openmoko) need to write the drivers - and thus we suffer from
the "limited resources" problem and priorities internally that will decide what
we do. i am unable to comment one way or another (don't know) about opening up
the docs. it may be possible in the future once we have proven to have the
basic 2d accel drivers working and a community working to help improve what is
there etc.. but for now 3d isn't really an option. i would love to comment on
its abilities but can't.

remember - what is available on gta-02 release and what may come over time is
also different. initial release won't have opengl - but if time and effort
prevail it may come later.

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