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Doug Sutherland doug at
Thu Nov 1 11:55:53 CET 2007

By the way I should mention that not only Neo is experiencing
the "white screen" phenomenon. I am doing tech support for 
phones and many off the shelf motorola and other standard 
brands are doing this. It's not a huge phenomenon but it has 
become regular in the past six months or so. Based on what 
has been said here it seems to be power management related.
That is interesting because all I know of the others is that they
go back to their creator to be reborn, it is never said what 
exactly happens in their reincarnation. I had assumed in the
other cases it was either a problem with the screen itself or
the connection. But having written "bad code" oin embedded
boards myself I know that just a software glitch can crreate
the WSOD hehe. Just the other day I was helping someone
figure out why they couldn't send mms on some brand name
phone (forget which already) and as soon as she selected 
"insert" to attach the image to the mms message the screen
went white. That is bad firmware of some sort.

Doug Sutherland
Proficio Research

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