Community Update

Doug Sutherland doug at
Thu Nov 1 12:00:34 CET 2007

Gabriel wrote:
> The Global Locate device does a lot of GPS processing on the HOST CPU
> which is why it REALLY needs that driver to work.

I am guessing, possibly wrongly, that this would be stuff like altitude
and velocity calculations. When you look at every bit of a GPS spec
there isn't a lot to calculate, or if there is then get a better module.
I still think that it should be easy to at least get coordinates. There 
should not be any required calculation for this. If there is then that
is not even a complete GPS receiver. Every other I have looked 
at has ONBOARD HOST. They have a ARM7 or similar that 
does all the magic you should not have to worry about. If this one
is only sending raw data ie no actual coordinates then it makes no
sense to use that part.

  -- Doug

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