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Thu Nov 1 12:26:03 CET 2007

to, 2007-11-01 kello 06:00 -0500, Doug Sutherland kirjoitti:
> If this one is only sending raw data ie no actual coordinates then
> it makes no sense to use that part.


1) Yes, it pretty much sends raw data.
2) Yes, it can make sense not to have a bazillion CPUs on board from
various perspectives.
3) Also you can do a bit more magic if you get the raw data in a known
4) It's suboptimal in this case mostly because of the proprietary
protocol in which this raw data arrives (the calculations necessary
shouldn't indeed be a problem given a known (reverse-engineered) data
format), and the provided driver being proprietary...
3b) ...which is quite possibly not only a licensing question (though to
be sure, it is that too) but also a legislation issue at least when
moving across US borders.
4) Not too sure on this count, but my impression is that the chip for
the GTA01 was pretty much fixed at the point where this was going to be
also a mobile Windows phone. Somebody correct me if my impression is
wrong, please.

And finally,

4b) The GTA02 will have a different chip that does have an integrated
processor and talks NMEA over serial (and reportedly might also be
coaxable to give raw data as well in some format)

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