RFC: replacement of wifi chips Atheros AR6001 by AR6002 in (GTA-02 and) futurs products

kkr kkr22.mpt56 at bluewin.ch
Sat Nov 3 18:46:21 CET 2007

Atheros announced a new wifi chips, the AR6002.

30 Oct. 2007
 The Atheros AR6002 "Radio on Chip for Mobile" (ROCm) draws "near-zero"
 power when in standby, and 70 percent less power than previous WiFi
 technologies when active, the company claims.

 The AR6002 is said to be software-compatible with the company's prior
 AR6001 (AR6K). A GPL-licensed Linux driver for that chip is available,
 and has already been adopted by the OpenMoko project.
 The AR6002 is currently sampling, and due for volume production in Q1,

Perhaps, it's a good reason to considere replacement of AR6001 by AR6002
in futurs products... And already in GTA-02 if another hardware revision
is needed and if the AR6002 has the same pinout as AR6001.

Does anybody know if:
a) it's another revision of GTA-02 already planned?
b) are the Atheros chips's pinout identical?


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