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rakshat hooja rakshat at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 20:04:04 CET 2007

I just got my neo 1973 by mail today and I will try to flash the image and
load rootfs sometime in the evening. Just had a couple of questions as i am
new here.

1. Is there a place where the latest tested image and rootfs is available
for download. the wiki links to a number of files and one is not sure which
image matches the rootfs.
2. When I have connected the usb cable to a powered usb port and the neo is
switched off is it charging (there is no indicator)



PS i am going through the wiki but if there is a forum where these questions
have already been answered please guide me there so i don't mail the entire
list every time.

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>    1. Community Update GPS comments... (Paul Breed)
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> Subject: Community Update GPS comments...
> At the lowest level GPS runs hardware ranges or   time offsets from
> each satellite.
> This does not directly give you a position. Some significant
> spherical trig is necessary to turn this into position.
> A lot of (AGPS) phones only have that hardware and rely on some system
> software
> (maybe not even on the phone) to turn that into a location. It makes
> a lot of sense that if you
> have a powerful CPU you don;t need to add another powerful CPU to
> turn this GPS
> base band info into PVT (position velocity and time).
> The second issue with GPS is that if you are going to take raw data
> and generate PVT then
> you have to do the GPS limitations that keep the system from being a
> ballistic missile guidance
> system IE you cant report position if altitude > 60K ft and
> velocity > 1000 knots or some such.
> So if you plan to sell such hardware in the US then unless it has
> these limits encoded
> in a way that is not trivial to defeat it become a ITAR controlled
> munition.
> It sounds like the origional GTA01 used a standard phone AGPS that
> does not directly calculate position,
> a great technical solution, but it does not work in real partical US
> political world with the ITAR
> GPS restrictions.
> for details on what it takes to calculate position from the raw data see:
> http://home-2.worldonline.nl/~samsvl/software.htm
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