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Mon Nov 5 21:55:14 CET 2007


I don't mind googles plan to deliver an open source operating system for
mobile phones. I also don't mind that 30 big companies are involved in the
development. Why don't I? Because I don't want this operating system. It
can't be something good, because every one of the members of this alliance
only wants my money... and my data.

Let's go one step back. One year ago I started using the google service. I
started up with gmail and now I'm using intensively gmail, calendar and
reader. Why do I? Because it's the only really working thing to use a
comfortable environment for mail, appointments and news at home and at work.
Also I need all the stuff on my palm, but I dont want to enter it there.
With goosync I get what I want.

Often I think that it can't be good to offer google my data, but in the end
I do it, because it's so comfortable and for the few ads adblock plus is my
friend. But in the end, I trust google less every day. The more I see how
big they become the more I think, that I need to move my data to a different
place. But to which place?

At least, I really don't like ads. And what I can't imagine is that I will
use a mobile phone os which shows me ads in context to the last call I did,
and offer the other 30 companies my data for their services. No way.

So, please do me a favor. Bring the cool openmoko to the market. On this OS
I know my data is save, and I don't get those annoying ads.

Google will not free my phone, it will be just a new way to make me
dependent on their services.

Free my phone with OpenMoKo. Free my life.

Best regards

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