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Tue Nov 6 00:48:30 CET 2007

On Monday 05 November 2007 21:05, Dean Collins wrote:
> Yep pretty much.
> There is a time and a window for technology releases like this and FIC's
> time has come and gone. I hate to put it bluntly but;
> It's not hard to think about things like an opensource mobile OS's.
> It's not even that hard to convince someone to invest in it.
> It is hard to get out Beta and then retail 1.0 but the really hard part
> is being able to invest time and time again in new ideas to be on the
> breaking edge of technology and innovation.
> It was FIC's window 6-8 months ago but now when the industry stalwarts
> are crashing at your door it's time to close up shop, sit on the beach
> and think of the next coolest thing.

It's not gone yet. However it is not uncommon for big companies to try and 
make a lot off fuss about a non yet existing product, just to create enough 
anticipation to keep people from moving elswhere. As Microsoft when WinFS 
will be finished, it was supposed to be in XP, it's still not there in Vista. 
But all the time it was a reason not to switch to an OS with a better 
filesystem, because WinFS was going to deliver that 'Really Soon Now(TM)'. 
The same thing is happening here, they said "handsets will be available in 
the second half of 2008." That's another 6 months at the very least. 
Normally 'the second half of the year' means, we really hope to get it done 
this year, but we might not be able to make it. 
The reason they announce so early is simply to create enough buzz so people 
will postpone buying a new phone until they are done. If FIC manages to 
deliver before the first google phone they are still in the game. 

And if the software Google is planning really is as open as they claim it is 
the Neo might even become the first phone that will run this stuff. They 
said, "minimum reqs is about a 200MHz ARM9" so that shouldn't be the problem. 
If that works out Google may just have jumpstarted the launch of the Neo, 
time will tell.


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