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Tue Nov 6 00:57:17 CET 2007


>looks like google are announcing an open-source linux based phone OS,
>supported by a lot of big names in the hardware industry 

Look at the smaller names tho. One court my eye, I remember stumbling across them about 6-months ago when I was researching GUI stacks - TAT (The Astonishing Tribe):

You can be sure the stack they'll be releasing will be based on TAT's Kastor. Look at the quality of the interface, it's truly amazing. All the apps are written in XML - sounds very google-friendly to me. I guess it must use JavaScript or similar to tie all the elements together. The graphics engine supports OpenGL ES 2 hardware acceleration too, so those screen casts are going to be what you'll get on the device. 

I'm just surprised the likes of Imagination Technologies & Arm aren't members. It also seems odd that Arm announced their own Linux stack only last month - I wonder if they just weren't invited.

I do hope they really mean that the whole stack will be open source - I can't imagine E.g. Nvidia releasing open source drivers for the GoForce.



PS: What are the chances that the first demo phones we see turn out to be Neos?

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