Google's "Android" open phone stack announced

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Tue Nov 6 01:27:39 CET 2007

I think it's cool that this technology will be available.  It will provide a
safe haven for developers.  People can run both something powerful and
customizable and have a featureless stable platform.  I hope it works well
with OKL4 virtualization.  That way we may get some of both worlds.

I don't know if we should expect drivers.  That's the whole apache2
license.  People can develop their own proprietary parts and not have to
release it.

On 11/5/07, enaut <enaut.w at> wrote:
> Mark Arvidson schrieb:
> >
> >
> > Did they not see <>? It looks like the
> > Google name carries weight and can roll over juggernaut style like MS.
> >
> > What does this mean in the long run for OpenMoko, and how will these
> > two project parallelize?
> >
> > --sagacis
> Imagin all the free drivers that are released by that "open aliance".
> Anyway a bad thing that could happen is, that FIC is not interested in
> "competition" and therefore cancels the development... but that would be
> highly unlikely.
> mfg enaut
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