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Tue Nov 6 01:49:30 CET 2007

Also people always want choices.
Having goolge out there would draw attention to this concept and have 
4000 times as many people looking for a device.
Some of those will choose neo.

On Mon, 5 Nov 2007 3:48 pm, AVee wrote:
> On Monday 05 November 2007 21:05, Dean Collins wrote:
>>  Yep pretty much.
>>  There is a time and a window for technology releases like this and 
>> FIC's
>>  time has come and gone. I hate to put it bluntly but;
>>  It's not hard to think about things like an opensource mobile OS's.
>>  It's not even that hard to convince someone to invest in it.
>>  It is hard to get out Beta and then retail 1.0 but the really hard 
>> part
>>  is being able to invest time and time again in new ideas to be on the
>>  breaking edge of technology and innovation.
>>  It was FIC's window 6-8 months ago but now when the industry stalwarts
>>  are crashing at your door it's time to close up shop, sit on the beach
>>  and think of the next coolest thing.
> It's not gone yet. However it is not uncommon for big companies to try 
> and
> make a lot off fuss about a non yet existing product, just to create 
> enough
> anticipation to keep people from moving elswhere. As Microsoft when 
> WinFS
> will be finished, it was supposed to be in XP, it's still not there in 
> Vista.
> But all the time it was a reason not to switch to an OS with a better
> filesystem, because WinFS was going to deliver that 'Really Soon 
> Now(TM)'.
> The same thing is happening here, they said "handsets will be available 
> in
> the second half of 2008." That's another 6 months at the very least.
> Normally 'the second half of the year' means, we really hope to get it 
> done
> this year, but we might not be able to make it.
> The reason they announce so early is simply to create enough buzz so 
> people
> will postpone buying a new phone until they are done. If FIC manages to
> deliver before the first google phone they are still in the game.
> And if the software Google is planning really is as open as they claim 
> it is
> the Neo might even become the first phone that will run this stuff. 
> They
> said, "minimum reqs is about a 200MHz ARM9" so that shouldn't be the 
> problem.
> If that works out Google may just have jumpstarted the launch of the 
> Neo,
> time will tell.
> AVee
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