Community update: The 850 MHz issue

Mathew Davis someoneinjapan at
Tue Nov 6 04:01:00 CET 2007

Is there a way to do both?  Can you have the 900/1800/1900MHz phones
along with the 850/1800/1900MHz variant?  I don't know if that would
raise cost or anything.  That way at order time you could select which
one you would like.  Who uses the 900 band does anyone know?  I would
think the 850/1800/1900MHz variant would work for anyone in USA as it
covers T-Mobile, and both bands of AT&T right?

On Nov 5, 2007 5:48 PM, Michael Shiloh <michael at> wrote:
> Hello Community,
> I've just arrived in Taiwan and have figured out the quad band issue.
> The chipset is capable of quad band but the board was laid out to only
> support 3 bands. So, 850Mhz is not supported on the GTA01 board. Instead
> we support 900/1800/1900MHz.
> Anyone interested in more details is welcome to email me.
> Michael
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