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You are basically right.

But, I can not agree with you, because:

1. the time frame for the technology start when you have a competition. 
which mean that the end of 2007 and the first quarter of 2008 is the 
time to do something (don't forget the google will not sell the phone 
and the partners need some time). it is a marketing issue and not 
technical issue.

2. "time to market" is very important in our world, and as I said, I 
think that OpenMoko have the time frame for the next 4-5 months.  but 
someone have to do something.

I not sure, but if the opensource community is good enough to help the 
development process, maybe it's good enough to help deliver the solution 
- something like community based marketing plan. the oss community have 
"ambassadors" all over the world and it's a good point against google  

- Ofek Doron


Dean Collins wrote:

> Yep pretty much.
> There is a time and a window for technology releases like this and FIC's
> time has come and gone. I hate to put it bluntly but; 
> It's not hard to think about things like an opensource mobile OS's.
> It's not even that hard to convince someone to invest in it.
> It is hard to get out Beta and then retail 1.0 but the really hard part
> is being able to invest time and time again in new ideas to be on the
> breaking edge of technology and innovation.
> It was FIC's window 6-8 months ago but now when the industry stalwarts
> are crashing at your door it's time to close up shop, sit on the beach
> and think of the next coolest thing.
> Next time maybe...."speed to market' can be part of your business plan.
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>> the digg and /. readers here have probably seen it already:
> ne-
>> mobile-os-announcement
>> looks like google are announcing an open-source linux based phone OS,
>> supported by a lot of big names in the hardware industry - htc,
>> qualcomm, motorola. no nokia though and no specifics on things like
>> open drivers/hardware specs
>> is this about to swamp the sterling work of FIC and openmoko?
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