Community update: The 850 MHz issue

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Tue Nov 6 17:25:29 CET 2007

First, thanks to Michael for giving the update.  It is never good to
have to be the bearer of bad news.

However, this is huge!  My probability of purchasing just dropped from
95% to about ~5%.  I'm getting ready to move and not knowing what my
coverage will be like in those areas is definitely a deal killer.  I
occasionally do some international travel and also spend time in more
"rural" areas so quad-band coverage is an absolute must have (not just
something I want for the warm fuzzies).

I'm not going to be overly critical, but how does this just slip through
the cracks?  Although somewhat marginal, quad-band chipsets do cost more
than tri-band.  It just seems really really weird that ensure you have
all of the functionality working would be an absolute no brainer.  When
putting all of the components together for a *PHONE* you would think
that you would test, re-test, check, double-check and then triple check
the actual *PHONE* components.

My mind is pretty much blown over this one...


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Man this royally sucks for me. We only get 100% coverage because of the
850 band where I live. 1900 is being added slowly, but not anywhere
close to full coverage.

Anybody want a neo? I sure wish this information would have been
provided _before_ the purchase.


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