Community update: The 850 MHz issue

hank williams hank777 at
Tue Nov 6 17:34:56 CET 2007

On 11/6/07, Jeffrey Thomas <eljefedelito at> wrote:
> > Its really hard to imagine a company building a phone that didnt think
> > through what frequencies were needed. More interestingly, that it took
> > a trip from Michael to Taiwan to get anyone to focus on it. If this
> > substantially sets back the development effort, it really is a major
> > blow to the project.
> Isn't it possible that the FIC's main userbase, in Asia, doesn't have this band to worry about?  I live in the US but it seems like all of these comments are focused on *our* coverage, like we're the center of the world...

It really is hard to imagine them thinking that they were designing a
phone for just outside the US. If that was their thinking, it
certainly should have been clarified. Certainly a plurality of the
first units sold, and perhaps a majority, have been sold in the US.
Honestly, its hard to imagine an Open Source phone gaining much
traction without US support.

> We're not, nor do we have nearly the largest possible sales base.

It is not true to say that we dont *nearly* have the largest base.
whatever the numbers are, particularly for smart phones, I would be
shocked to hear the US was anything but one of the top markets. Only
japan could compete as a potentially larger market in asia. Certainly
they are not going to be selling tons of these in China.


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