Community update: The 850 MHz issue

AVee openmoko-comunity at
Tue Nov 6 17:29:13 CET 2007

On Tuesday 06 November 2007 04:13, Michael Shiloh wrote:
> I would guess that if we make such a variant, we would offer both, but I
> don't know for sure.
> Please realize that I'm just asking the question in anticipation that
> the information might be useful at some point. I'm not suggesting that
> we have any plans yet to do so.

Depending on the issues involved a phone with a jumper and/or 
firmware/software switch between 850 an 900 could be a solution as well. I 
doubt there are much places where you can switch from 850 to 900 without 
having to cross an ocean first. I'd be inconvenient, but better that a phone 
with just 850 or 900 (and it might be preferable when producing it, because 
the phones will be identical again).


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