Community update: The 850 MHz issue

hank williams hank777 at
Tue Nov 6 18:39:09 CET 2007

> Common, take a look outside of your own borders. It's hard to inmagine an Open
> Source phone gaining any traction at all in the US, land of software patents,
> closed standards and telco control. There are quit a few OSS projects doing
> just fine despite being illegal in the US, an Open Source phone will do just
> fine without US support.

> And Nokia is not a US company, nor is Sony-Ericsson, both became major players
> in this market before there even was any form of GSM coverage in the US.

1. did I say it was not possible to exist as a company without the US? No.

What I said was that a plurality of smart phones are sold in the US.
It is a major market. And a huge amount of OS work is done in the US.
To design a phone that specifically cant really be sold in the US is
dumb. It cuts out a huge potential market. And given the high level of
competition, loosing 20 - 30% of your market opportunity is
potentially deadly.

> > > We're not, nor do we have nearly the largest possible sales base.
> >
> > It is not true to say that we dont *nearly* have the largest base.
> > whatever the numbers are, particularly for smart phones, I would be
> > shocked to hear the US was anything but one of the top markets. Only
> > japan could compete as a potentially larger market in asia. Certainly
> > they are not going to be selling tons of these in China.
> Yeah, because it's not like there are loads of smart phones being sold in
> Europe...

"loads". Is that a new unit of measure in europe?

It's Asia first, then Europe and the the America's, largely because
> the US had an incompatible system of their own for years. And you may be
> suprised about china too, 1% of the chinese buying a phone is as just as good
> as 4% of the US buying your phone. And it's far easier to gain marketshare in
> China then in the hugely locked-up US market.

Ok, so I guess this whole thing in your mind is really good biz dev
strategy because they dont need the US. Lol. They need more
strategists like you at FIC.


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