Chumby on OpenMoko/Neo1973?

Ortwin Regel ortwin at
Tue Nov 6 19:35:55 CET 2007

Would it be possible to run the Chumby ( ) software on
OpenMoko / the Neo1973? What would it take to make this possible?
Why do I want it? Imagine it like this: Plug your Chumby equiped OpenMoko
device into the USB charging cable (/cradle). Let it sit for a while. After
five minutes of no activity, the Chumby software starts up automatically and
displays flash widgets, just like a Chumby would. With a simple press of the
power button, you get out of Chumby and back into OpenMoko.
Makes sense, doesn't it? Why get another immobile device if you've got all
the hardware to run Chumby software in your Neo? It might still make sense
if you want a permanent Chumby beside your bed or multiple around the house.
Many people probably would not want to get the hardware twice, though, so it
would make sense to make their Neos work as part time Chumbys. In the GTA02,
we should have all the necessary hardware with accelerometers and Wifi.
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