Community update: The 850 MHz issue

Open Moko openmoko23 at
Tue Nov 6 21:53:33 CET 2007

I recently joined this list after looking at the OpenMoko project for a few
weeks now. I am a software engineer and a linux enthusiast, I planned on
actively developing for the project creating 3rd party applications.

I am now somewhat concerned with this thread. Am I to understand that
support for US is limited? How limited?

>From what I have been researching, networks such as the ones AT&T and
T-Mobile  deploy are supported by the Neo. Am I mistaken?

I am going to purchase the developers edition this week - if this is
supported on the T-Mobile network.

I currently have a T-Mobile MDA, which is to my knowladge supported by
OpenMoko. Unless, again, my research has failed me.

Basically my main question is if the Neo is supported on the T-Mobile

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