Gphone and 850, perspectives

Lars Hallberg lah at
Wed Nov 7 19:58:35 CET 2007

Doug Sutherland skrev:
> 850Mhz is "odd" because north america is "big".
> Output power 2 watt versus 1 watt for 1900 Mhz.
> To cover rural areas, less towers required for 850Mhz.
> There will be more not less 850 support in the future.
> Europe is much more congested so can justify more 
> towers with less output power on phones.

Not really true... Europe have GSM 900/1800... 850 is not that big a 
difference from 900, nether is 1900 from 1800. Probably the 900 and 1800 
  bands was occupied in the us.

However, Ericson and Nokia are pushing GSM 450 for the 3:d world and the 
most remote arias in richer countrys. So we might end up with the need 
for 5 GSM band: 450/900/1800 for 'the world' and 850/1900 (and possibly 
450) for 'parts of America'.

The part with lower frequency give bigger coverage is true. 900 reach 
~twice as far as 1800, cowering ~four times the area. 450 will reach 
~twice as far as 900, cowering ~sixteen times the area 1800 cover. Thats 
the rational for GSM 450.

Hope the Neo1973 GTA2v4 will be released fast as possably as is. Then a 
850/1800/1900 as soon as posably. Don't think a sales organization more 
then the already existing one need to be built in north America before 
the 850/1800/1900 version is ready.

If this is reconfigurable in soft/firmware... It's realy a quad band 
phone... You just have to configure what three band to listen to. I Know 
of no place having 850 and 900 in the same aria. I have litle hope for 
that tho... It sounds like hw changes is needed :-(


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