Gphone and 850, perspectives

Michael Shiloh michael at
Wed Nov 7 20:44:25 CET 2007


I'm still pressing on the GSM firwmare update. TI is supposed to have an 
answer for us, and we've been calling them daily. They are incredibly 
difficult to catch.

(Same problem with Global Locate regarding the GPS driver)


ian douglas wrote:
> Al Johnson wrote:
>> We should find out one way or the other reasonably soon.
> Like we'd know "reasonably soon" about the TI modem firmware delivery 
> system that they told us about almost a month ago? ;o)
> Seriously, if they can fix the 3G issue so I can just use TMobile for 
> the time being, then great, I'll keep my Neo. But if I have to wait much 
> longer just for the modem firmware upgrade, then this 850 issue is a 
> serious deal breaker and I want a refund.
> -id
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