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Thu Nov 8 12:29:29 CET 2007

In this case it is a very valid issue and definitely not a complaint or 
a whine.
It basically tanks one of the largest consumer bases and it tanks my 
project in my company until I find something else.

You left out one important part in your mail below.
Will GPS work without trouble, is it in any way affected by the 
bandwidth issue.
I would surely think not, but if y0ou want to market this to someone as 
a PDA only, then definitely give the complete information sucha as 
include GPS usability in NA.

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano wrote:
> So, ok, the NEO does NOT support 850/1900 MHz band, this is an issue, 
> FIC is informed of that and i think that they are evaluating the 
> possibilities to make it working, so please just stop crying at the 
> list "my neo here isn't working..." ok, i understand the problem and i 
> understand you, but receiving a tons of similar mail is boring. AFAIK 
> FIC members read the list, and now are just considering some solutions 
> (at least i hope).
> So in conclusion, the replies at the FAQ on this issue are (forgive me 
> if appear a bit rude but it's due to my english):
> I live in north america, i have my NEO dev edition and i can't get the 
> signal, what i can do?
> sell your neo, it's an hardware/firmware/software issue, so it can't 
> be fixed with a simple software upgrade
> I need the 850 support should i buy the neo now?
> No you don't have to until you want a good pda whitout the possibility 
> to make phone calls
> I live in NA and i usually stay in my big city, will the neo get the 
> signal?
> May be, it will probably get it but it's not assured, you can try to 
> verify somehow if the bands supported by the neo are covering your area
> What can i do to make the neo supporting those bands?
> you can do nothing
> What is FIC doing about this?
> Don't know, i hope they are considering some solutions for this issue
> Last but not least: which are the solutions which FIC is considering?
> The solutions are:
> 1) do nothing, at least  for the GTA02, maybe a fix in GTA03 or 
> something similar
> 2) produce 2 separate phone, 1 for the NA and another one for the Rest 
> Of The World (identical phone except the capability to get the 
> 850/1900 band INSTEAD the 900/1800 one)
> 3) make a nice community poll to ask if the members can wait another 2 
> month (the time is just something I think) to redesign the hardware 
> and fix the firmware so that we can have a full quad band phone)
> The 3rd solution was not proposed but it's another way to solve the 
> problem, honestly i don't mind about the quad band, i live in italy 
> and i don't think i'll ever come to america, if i'll do that i'll use 
> some other cheap phone, but i think that it's important for other 
> community member to have it working in quad band way, so i'll wait if 
> the community will decide to wait and obviously FIC will consider this 
> solution.
> Cya!
> Pietro
> P.S. We will wait for some FIC official solution.
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