Gphone and 850, perspectives

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Thu Nov 8 16:10:07 CET 2007

We were willing to wait for the commercial version to start our 
development, but if that is not going to be functional in the USA in 
remote areas like other cellphones, then it is lights-out for any 
possible future vendor here in the USA who want to incorporate this in 
to an existing product line.
Thats a fact not a wine.

I will get a development kit from Apple and live with it.
Our products need a  gps/phone/computer system as an add-on and  it cant 
wait past January 2008.
If the GPS works great I will buy it as a PDA in future once it is released.

This morning the project using the NEO was canned, reasons are, ever 
shifting timetables and secondly,  too much risk when the rug is pulled 
from under your feet by FIC suddenly not supporting US  frequency bands, 
while there are other alternatives such as Iphone available with a 
development kit that  might meet our development scenario -- (about just).
Unfortunately rural access is crucial for our applications, so it just 
became a no-no.

Anyway thanks to all for the input, and the NEO was a great idea till 
now, unfortunately it does not seem if it will be available in a working 
state within the next year here in the USA.
All of luck with OpenMoko.


Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano wrote:
> admin at ha scritto:
>> In this case it is a very valid issue and definitely not a complaint 
>> or a whine.
>> It basically tanks one of the largest consumer bases and it tanks my 
>> project in my company until I find something else.
> Well the man at FIC (Michael) said that this issue is being evaluated, 
> i'm not associated with fic in any way so anything i'm writing is 
> because i've read the mails coming from this mailing list.
>> You left out one important part in your mail below.
> No, i've left anything because the subject of this mail is regarding 
> the 850MHz issue, GPS is not involved with it.

Well, then add in the WIKI that GPS will still work in NA, else it only 
makes matters worse for marketing and is misleading by not disclosing 
all the features that will work..

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