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Adding gps to the iPhone is likely to be a minor Bluetooth driver  

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On Nov 8, 2007, at 7:44 AM, "Randall Mason" <lists at> wrote:

> iPhone doesn't have GPS, so how does that fit your mythical project?
> GPS works in the US.  It is a US invention.  It is owned by the US.   
> It is run by the US.  We donate it to the world.  Why would it not  
> work in the US?  It works EVERYWHERE, that's why it's called Global  
> Positioning System.
> How are there so many people who know so little about cell phones,  
> GPS, and PDAs that claim to be supporting projects on this phone?   
> How did you convince your company to start these projects?  Why was  
> Michael's initial post saying that 850MHz is not supported because  
> of hardware layout not enough?  How do people decide that they want  
> quad band phones without knowing what they really are and why they  
> would want them (besides "wow, quad band works everywhere, right?  
> Great, I'll just get quad band so I never have to think!")?
> On 11/8/07, admin at <admin at> wrote:
> We were willing to wait for the commercial version to start our
> development, but if that is not going to be functional in the USA in
> remote areas like other cellphones, then it is lights-out for any
> possible future vendor here in the USA who want to incorporate this in
> to an existing product line.
> Thats a fact not a wine.
> I will get a development kit from Apple and live with it.
> Our products need a  gps/phone/computer system as an add-on and  it  
> cant
> wait past January 2008.
> If the GPS works great I will buy it as a PDA in future once it is  
> released.
> This morning the project using the NEO was canned, reasons are, ever
> shifting timetables and secondly,  too much risk when the rug is  
> pulled
> from under your feet by FIC suddenly not supporting US  frequency  
> bands,
> while there are other alternatives such as Iphone available with a
> development kit that  might meet our development scenario -- (about  
> just).
> Unfortunately rural access is crucial for our applications, so it just
> became a no-no.
> Anyway thanks to all for the input, and the NEO was a great idea till
> now, unfortunately it does not seem if it will be available in a  
> working
> state within the next year here in the USA.
> All of luck with OpenMoko.
> Bye.
> Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano wrote:
> > admin at ha scritto:
> >> In this case it is a very valid issue and definitely not a  
> complaint
> >> or a whine.
> >> It basically tanks one of the largest consumer bases and it tanks  
> my
> >> project in my company until I find something else.
> > Well the man at FIC (Michael) said that this issue is being  
> evaluated,
> > i'm not associated with fic in any way so anything i'm writing is
> > because i've read the mails coming from this mailing list.
> >
> >> You left out one important part in your mail below.
> > No, i've left anything because the subject of this mail is regarding
> > the 850MHz issue, GPS is not involved with it.
> Well, then add in the WIKI that GPS will still work in NA, else it  
> only
> makes matters worse for marketing and is misleading by not disclosing
> all the features that will work..
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