Gphone and 850, perspectives

Ted Lemon mellon at
Fri Nov 9 00:53:23 CET 2007

On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 23:46 +0100, AVee wrote:
> I think it whould help an awfull lot, it would allow you to switch
> firmware 
> before leaving to an 850 or 900 area. In a lot af cases that will
> involve a 
> air travel and a somewhat longer stay in the 'other frequency' area.
> If it 
> could be just a build option I also can imagine a bit of software
> which makes 
> the switch trivial.

I wish it were so, but what I mean by a "build option" is that they put
a different part on the board if you want 850 vs. 900.   Which I think
is what was proposed.

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