Gphone and 850, perspectives

Doug Sutherland doug at
Fri Nov 9 01:24:46 CET 2007

You should not have to switch firmware for the different bands.
That would be insanity. A quad band module should be able to
use one image for everything. That apparently isn't the case at
the moment, but it should be, and hopefully they are working
towards that end. Not sure what the deal is with calypso but
I have looked very closely at several other quad band modules
and there is none of this problem. Check out for example the 
telit modules and the mult-tech modules. They are likely more 
expensive but they definitely do quad band and they don't 
need different firmware for different bands.

Load different firmware to travel? WTF? Dear FIC please work 
on quad band with single firmware. If calypso is problematic for 
this then please ditch it and get another module, there are many 
many to choose from and gsm serial code is standard so there 
should not be a huge number of changes required.

I noticed that TI is very secretive and protective of their cell 
technology. I am starting to think that it's a bad choice. I have
all the docs for the above two modules and everything is well
documented and ready to go. They both have direct antenna 
connector, although the telit surface mount modules allow you 
to make part of the pcb board the antenna. 

  -- Doug

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