FM radio reception on neo/openmoko and some other questions

Mikko J Rauhala mjrauhal at
Fri Nov 9 13:19:30 CET 2007

On pe, 2007-11-09 at 16:35 +0530, rakshat hooja wrote:
> 1) Are there any working hacks for getting FM radio reception on the
> neo 1973? Even the $35 (total for the unlocked phone that will work
> with any network) Nokia phones have FM reception in india. This is a
> must have option for the Neo to sell in India.

A weird market, India, then. And no, the Neo doesn't/won't have an FM
receiver, as simple as that. (If you mean "hacks" as hardware, of course
you can get something done but hard to make it clean, and hardware hacks
don't really add to mainstream marketability.)

>   2) Will the GTA02 phone have the speaker phone option or is getting
> call sound on the speakers something that can be done by editing
> config files in openmoko?

You can certainly stick the sound anywhere, but you'd need to do echo
cancellation or some kind of push-to-talk. Possible, still.

I don't really know how well the mic would pick up speech from a bit
further away. Something to try out. If it doesn't, maybe for some needs
it could be sufficient to use the headset mic and phone speaker, though
a bit weird.

> 3) Is it theoretically possible to print by directly connecting the
> printer to the phone if the printer drivers are avaliable (at least
> text files)

Yes, especially with the GTA02 (which can provide 100 mA USB power). The
GTA01 is likely to require a power injector in between, so that the
printer will realize it has something hooked into it.

Also other USB 1.1 gadgets (that will settle for 100 mA or preferrably
have internal power so the Neo's battery isn't drained) should work, if
there are just Linux drivers for them (present on the system, of course,
with supporting software). You should be able to offload a digital
camera onto the Neo and/or through it to the net, for instance. 

> 4) If someone writes a faxing application for openmoko should it not
> be possible to use the phone as a mobile fax sending and recieving
> unit?

I'd be surprised if it wasn't, though I'm not 100% positive - faxing is
of no interest to me personally so I've not verified it. Somebody chime

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